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We are concerned about environmental impacts related to activities of products and services minimizing ou ecological footprint using natural and recyclabe products

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If you have an idea or project try us. We will try to make and personalize it. Puzzles 2D and 3D, boardgames dominoes and other games... please contact us.

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About us

Science Track is the brand name owned by the young company, 100% Portuguese, Coherentpuzzle Unipessoal which designs and produces toys, games and kits based on Portuguese culture and traditions.

In this way everything we  design and produce are fun things that we take very seriously.

Science Track is a brand dedicated to the design, production and marketing of games, toys and kits featuring an innovative design combinig culture and traditions that are interpreted based on scientific knowledge.

The Science Track products are business cards of the Portuguese soul.

What We Do

jigsaws, toys, games, puzzles 2d 3D, playingcards, dominoes, boardgames


Our product portfolio includes many categories related with toys and games, but we can taylor  personalizing and adapting them according  customers needs.

For the construction of our products several researches are previously made on our history, our traditions and the scientific knowledge involved in them. The scientific explanation of many, if not all, the Portuguese traditional and cultural aspects will also surprise you.


They are natural, versatile, elegant raw materials, allowing each new game, kit or toy to be used in new ways. The history of Mankind is indelibly associated with these materials.

Mission and Commitment

To share with our customers our passion for Portuguese culture and traditions and build a wide range of games, toys and kits, which provide moments of leisure and fun, while preserving our memory, our identity, and still learn science, is our mission.

As we also want to contribute to our future, so we have a commitment with Nature, with the planet and with the people. Therefore, the materials used are natural, and we donate to a social welfare institution when you buy a product from Science Track. 

Where we Are

CEI - Av. do empresário nº1 6000 767 Castelo Branco, Portugal

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passaro de seda
Museu da presidência da República
Direcção Geral do Património Cultural
fio da história
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