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    Agon (limited edition)

    Science Track
    TabAgon ed-lim
    A game played with queens by the queens  A strategic game where the objectiv is to protect the queen from the attack of enemy warrior bees
    Traffic Traffic 2

      Traffic Light Game

      Science Track
      A mathematical game that makes you use your brains.

      mounting videos science track


      Game benefits

      Gambling, like other recreational activities, creates significant positive effects on quality of life. In addition to creating and enhancing learning and socializing opportunities, it also improves numerical / letter recognition, color, shape, motor dexterity and visual perception skills, thereby enhancing their cognitive abilities and contributing to the well-being of who practices it.

      Develops children's and adults' skills at the following levels:
      - logical and cognitive ability
      - coordination and motor skills
      - concentration and structured thinking
      - observation, imagination and creativity

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