With the Planet, with Nature

To preserve nature, preserve the environment are fundamental to the sustainability of the planet and ensure a better future for the generations of today and tomorrow. And we all, more or less directly, have an important role to play.

Science Track, as a conscious company, cannot ignore this responsibility and one of its pillars is to contribute to the preservation of our planet. To do this, it uses natural materials such as wood, cork, natural fibers such as cotton and burlap; it looks for ways to work these materials with the least possible impact on Nature.

Solidarity, with those in need

Science Track could not but help those who need it most. So,  Science Track contributes  to Um Pequeno Gesto Uma Grande Ajuda (A Small Gesture A Big Help) – an NGO that supports children in Mozambique. Of its several projects it chose to support the children of the kindergarten School of Santa Catarina.

Why Um Pequeno Gesto? Because one of the creators of Science Track, linked for some years now to this NGO through child sponsorship, in 2012 had the opportunity to witness the action on the ground. Her testimony leaves no doubt that our support, YOUR support, by purchasing Science Track products will, for sure, help a child in Mozambique.

I was in Mozambique in 2012. At the time I had the opportunity to visit some institutions supported by Um Pequeno Gesto and see their work on the ground. If I had no doubts it was a serious organization and really committed to support the poor, children, families and the elderly living below the threshold of human dignity, the more certain I became. I saw educational activities and food support for children of the André and Santa Catarina Schools; I saw the distribution of the monthly food basket to the neediest families of Banhine and Conjoene; I helped in the distribution of donated clothing to children and mothers supported by Um Pequeno Gesto; I visited the computer room and the library in Chongoene Mission which was built and organized with the support of volunteers who were in Mozambique at that time; I saw the coordination activities to provide support on the ground; I meta group of youngmothers whohad learned towrite their namewith the help ofUPG; I helped prepare a dinner in which some of the foods resulted from the “generating income” project that aims at developing small family activities/businesses by young mothers in order to generate income and become sustainable. Finally, I saw, and will not forget, the beaming smile of the children, the profound gratitude of the mothers, the deep and tender grateful look of the elderly supported by Um Pequeno Gesto.”

Um Pequeno Gesto Uma Grande Ajuda,  

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