Science Track is a brand owned by CoherentPuzzle Unipessoal with VAT 514776943 at the address Rua dos Ganitos, Vinha de S. João e Sto António, s/n 6000-088 Castelo Branco, Portugal.

Terms and conditions:

By using Science Track's website, the user accepts its Terms and Conditions and data protection policy. Science Track reserves de right to modify the Terms and Conditions.

Conditions are established between:

1. On the one hand, CoherentPuzzle Unipessoal, owner of Science Track, with headquarters in Castelo Banco - Portugal.

2. On the other hand, any person that places an order (hereinafter referred to as Client/Customer ou User).

Orders dispatch is made to any place under the conditions identified below.


By placing an order, the Customer expresses his/her complete acceptance of the general conditions of sale, prices and description of the products included in the transaction.

To place an order the Customer must provide the personal data as requested.

Any change to the order - to add or remove items - requires its cancellation and the placement of a new order. 

Each order is processed and sent separately. The Customer cannot add new items to orders already made, whether these have been paid or not.

Science Track reserves the right to refuse orders when:

- there are indications of fraudulent order;

- the information on the website, including information regarding prices and promotions, is incorrectly posted;

- a product is out of stock;

- it is not possible to obtain payment authorisation.

If any of these situations occurs, the Customer will be immediately contacted by our services.

Prices and dispatch

All prices on this website include VAT rates. Prices do not include shipping costs. 

Science Track ships to every region in Portugal, and Europe. Delivery dates are between three and ten days, depending on destination. Holiday banks or other special dates may delay delivery dates.

Shipping costs vary, according to the order's weight and destination. Shipping costs are the Customer's responsibility.

Orders start being processed after payment confirmation, which shall be done in a maximum of 48 hours, so that stock is not compromised.
Due to the time it takes to place an order, accepting it and sending a final confirmation email, Science Track cannot guarantee stock availability. In certain circumstances, Science Track can produce the item by request, however it may not be identical since it is manufactured.

If a mistake in a product description (price, details, colours...) is detected, Science Track will contact the Customer to assess whether they want to confirm the order within the right conditions, or if they opt for cancelling it.


Payment must be done via the methods mentioned in the website.

It is advised that, after placing the order, the order reference number is kept. If you prefer paying via bank transfer, please include your order's reference number (if you use home banking). To send the payment receipt as evidence, please use

Your order will be sent after payment is received.

If bank transfer is not done up until 48 hours after the order is placed, the order will be cancelled.

Science Track is not responsible for delays resulting from actions outside its activity and effort, such as those caused by strikes or other circumstances which have an impact on delivery times.

Delivery of orders is made by the selected carrier within 2 to 3 working days in Portugal and Spain, around 3 to 5 working days in continental Europe, and around 7 to 10 working days in other continents, after payment confirmation.

If any product ordered is not in stock, the customer will be contacted to be informed of the period of time needed to supply the product. After this period expires, the Customer may request the cancellation of the order and the consequent return of the amount paid.

Returns, exchanging and cancelling your order

Science Track has the quality of its products as its main priority and checks all items before they are shipped. We still allow for returns and exchanges of products in case of missing or faulty items, provided all conditions established in this clause are respected.

All orders can be returned, respecting the current legislation, as long as they remain in the same state they were purchased in, with all tags, in its original packaging and in perfect condition. Incomplete, damaged or used products are not accepted. All returns must also have the relevant purchase receipt.

To exchange a product, you must always return it first and then reorder it on our website

If the purchased product is faulty, you must inform us via email to, including your order reference number or receipt number, as well as a description of the fault. All return costs will be paid by Science Track.

You can cancel your order by emailing Science Track, and this will be accepted as long as the order hasn’t been shipped from our warehouse yet. To can your order, you must email, including your order reference number, name, and email address.

Science Track may not process certain order, if we find irregularities in your personal details. In these circumstances, you will be duly notified and your payment will be reimbursed.

Contract termination is possible through the current portuguese legislation (Decreto-Lei n.º 24/2014, of 14/02, current version). Likewise:

- You have the right to terminate your contract within 14 days, with no need to indicate the motives for it.

- Any costs related to the return of the product under these circumstances are to be paid by the client, except for faulty products, as mentioned in this website, and in cases where the item(s) are collected by Science Track as follows.

- The deadline to terminate the contract finishes 14 days after the following day you or a third person other than the shipper aquires the product(s);

- The decision over the contract termination must be done through a clear written statement – for which the template form below can be used -, which must be sent via post or email to:

Science Track

CEI - Av. do empresário nº1

6000-767 Castelo Branco, Portugal.



Effects of contract termination

·         In case contract termination, you will be fully reimbursed, including all initial shipping costs (except for extra costs caused by an aternative choise of shipping, other than the cheaspest standard one offered), with no unjustified delay and no later than 14 days after the date we were informed of your decision to terminate the contract.

·         Science Track will reimburse you throught he same method of payment you used to purchase the product(s), except an alternative arrangement is agreed by both parts; in any case, you will not have to incur any extra costs for said reimbursement.

·         All items must be returned to Science Track, CEI - Av. do empresário nº1, 6000-767 Castelo Branco, Portugal, with no unjustified delay and no later than 14 days after the date we were informed of your decision to terminate the contract. We consider the deadline as being met if all items are returned before the end of the 14-day period.

·         When there is a contract termination, Science Tracj can retain the reibursement until all products are returned or until return proof is presented, whichever takes place first.

·         The clint isonly responsible for a depreciation of the products which is a consequence of excessive manipulation or misuse of the items when verifying their nature, characteristics or use.

·         Any questions must be asked to Science Track, via phone or email.

·         The above information does not replace consulation and knowledge of Decreto-Lei n.º 24/2014, of 14th January, in its current version, which is applied in case of doubt or ommission.


- Contract termination form template, which can be used to state contract termination:

                To: Science Track

CEI - Av. do empresário nº1

6000-767 Castelo Branco, Portugal


- To:


- I/We(*) hereby state the termination of contract relate to the purchase of the following product:

-Ordered on/received on (*)

- Client’s name

- Client’s address

- Client’s signature (only needed in paper copies)

(*) Delete as appropriate

- Solicitado em (*)/recebido em (*)

-  Nome do(s) consumidor(es)

- Endereço do(s) consumidor(es)

- Assinatura do(s) consumidor(es) (só no caso de o presente formulário ser notificado em papel)


i)      So the contract termination deadline is met, you must only send your contract termination statement within the deadline.

ii)    The use of the template form is not mandatory.

iii)  The form must only be filled in and submitted if you wish to terminate your contract.

iv)   The contract termination is always dependent on the written communications in the aforementioned regulation, via the form provided or a statement.



All products marketed by Science Track comply with the Portuguese law. 

Science Track disclaims any liability for violation of the law of the country where the order is delivered. It is the Customer's responsibility to check with local authorities all conditions of import and use. 

Science Track is not liable for losses resulting from breakdowns or losses of connection of the operating system that might prevent temporary access or the provision of services to users. 

This website is kept as updated as possible, however it is not possible to guarantee that the platform and its contents do not present technical errors, viruses or other phenomena that might damage your electronic device. Science Track does not take responsibility for any loss a customer might endure as a result of using this website.

Safety and Privacy

Science Track guarantees the confidential and safe treatment of all information provided by its customers. Personal details are only kept for the brand's commercial use, never being given to a third party.

Customers will always have access to their own private details through our website or other contact platforms. Costumers have the possibility of removing or updating their personal details.

Additional information

Science Track cannot guarantee that every screen presents the right colours, so products may have slight colour changes. Science Track tries to guarantee all sizes are correct, however slight changes might occur.

Science Track reserves the right to, at any moment, modify products' descriptions, including prices, colours and sizes. 

In case you have any doubt, please contact Science Track by email, phone or by clicking here.

According to Portuguese Law No. 144/2015, in the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Entity for consumption, available on the Consumer Portal: consumer-defense / resolution-entities-alternative-of-consumer-litigation.aspx

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